Shipment and delivery

Urgent shipping to all Europe with package tracking

We work with urgent carriers.
Online package tracking with tracking ID.
Shipping to the Balearic Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and the Canary Islands.
Urgent shipping to all Europe.

Frequently asked questions

To which countries can I send my orders?

Passion Store is automated and ships to almost every country in the world with express courier. However, shipments to destinations outside the EU may have certain restrictions or special procedures for the management of customs formalities. If you have dropshipping orders outside the EU, you must attach the invoice you issued to your customer in the order menu of your control panel.

How long does Passion Store need to prepare and ship my order?

You can see the preparation time for each product next to its availability. The preparation time for most of the products is 24/48. It is even possible for your order to be shipped on the very same day if it only includes products with immediate delivery and it has been paid before midday.
The delivery time will depend on the selected shipping company and the country of destination. Bear in mind that the indicated delivery time is approximate and refers to business days, excluding weekends and official holidays.

What are the shopping costs and the delivery time?

You can estimate the shipping costs and delivery time in the Passion Store shopping cart yourself.

How can I track my shipment?

Passion Store has installed a menu in its control panel to see the latest information on monitoring its most recent orders. You can find it in tracking, under the orders menu. With this tool you can choose whether you want to view the tracking information of a single order or all orders simultaneously or if you want to filter the information by tracking status.

Remember to check the 'Problems' section periodically so that, if necessary, you can get in touch with the customer and solve their problems. After dealing with the problem, you can mark it as 'read' to distinguish already-solved problems from those that are still to be solved.

You can also download the tracking through the section Download Trackings.